The Production Process

The egg production process includes the following phases:
  • Laying: Hens lay eggs in a controlled environment and are fed a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet of feed made up mostly of corn, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals to produce quality eggs.
  • Collecting: In the farm egg gathering is done automated.
  • Cleaning: A lot of care is taken when cleaning eggs because egg shells are very porous.Eggs are cleaned with an egg brush, paper towel, sanding sponge or plastic scourer with a gentle rubbing action to remove the mud or some blood stain..
  • Grading: We classify eggs by the interior and exterior quality at the time it is packed. Grades include AA, A or B. There is no difference in the nutritional value between different grades and all eggs sold at the retail level must meet the standards for Grade B or better. However, few Grade B eggs find their way to the retail market.

The feed manufacturing plant of ” KOHINOOR LAYERS” is located at Junewani ,Nagpur. The entire plant is fully automated and each batch of feed is specifically structured to meet stipulated requirements.

The feed mill is a mark of an integrated model for well interlaced and measured as well as a restricted enclosure.

The raw ingredients are tested for nutrient content and any pathogens / mycotoxins before approved for use.